Rat Pics

Twycross Zoo
January 17, 2010, 5:15 pm
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Having been spoilt by Chester Zoo it is hard to be amazed by the smaller zoo’s in the UK. Cages are generally smaller and there is a definate feeling that these places have less money. I like to think, however, that the animals at these smaller zoo’s are still well cared for and generate the same message to the public. I know many people disagree with zoo’s (my sister included), but if you set-aside the past, where a collection of animals was for the mere amusement of those in power, and learn to appreciate the zoo as an educational tool, I think you can look past this necessary evil. Modern zoo’s, conservation parks or whatever the P.C. word is nowadays, are rescuing badly treated animals, helping endangered species and telling us all about it. It’s a shame the general public can do very little other than give the admission price.

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